**teams listed first is the Home Team & will wear their light uniforms. for the teams playing multiple games, the staff can possibly adjust the home team to cut down on laundry expenses**

February 3rd (thursday)

9:00 AM - rEDEMPTION CHRISTIAN (ny) VS. img aCADEMY (fl)

10:30 am - nba academy (Africa) vs. miami prep elite (FL)

12:15 pm - fort erie international academy (ontario) vs. NBA academy (global)

1:45 pm - st. Thomas More (CT) vs. Loomis Chafee (CT)

3:15 PM - colorado PREp (CO) vs. Covenant College Prep (CO)

4:45 pm - putnam science academy (CT) vs. Mt. Zion Academy (MD)

6:15 pm - commonwealth academy (MA) vs. NBA academy (latin America)

7:45 pm - Bridgton academy (ME) vs. anzvarik rig mark (Sweden)

february 4th (friday)

9:00 am - combine academy PG (NC) vs. Miami Prep elite (FL)

​10:30 am - st. thomas more (CT) vs. colorado prep (CO) 

12:15 pm - mt. Zion Prep (MD) vs. orangeville prep (ontario)

1:45 pm - nba academy (africa) vs. st. andrew's (RI)

3:15 pm - nba academy (latin america) vs. covenant college prep (NJ)

4:45 pm - worcester academy (MA) vs. fort erie international academy (ontario)

6:15 pm - south kent school (CT) vs. Bridgton academy (ME)

7:45 pm - macduffie school (MA) vs. cushing academy (MA)

9:15 pm - commonwealth academy (MA) vs. nba academy (Global)

february 5th (saturday)

9:00 am - combine academy (NC) vs. Bradford Christian (MA)

10:30 am - two twelve academy (FL) vs. anzvarik rig mark (Sweden)

12:15 pm - Colorado PRep (CO) vs. nba academy (Africa)

1:45 pm - worcester academy (MA) vs. south kent school (CT)

3:15 pm - cushing academy (MA) vs. nba academy (Latin America)

4:45 pm - img academy academic (FL) vs. believe academy (SC)

6:15 pm - nba academy (Global) vs. orangeville prep (ontario)

7:45 pm -tilton school (NH) vs. darrow school (NY)

February 6th (Sunday)

9:00 am - Lee Academy (ME) vs. two twelve academy (FL)

10:30 am - st. andrew's School (RI) vs. nba basketball academy (global)

12:15 pm - nba academy (africa) vs. Bradford Christian (MA)

1:45 pm - northfield mt. hermon (ma) vs. NBA Academy (LAtin America)

3:15 pm - st. George's (RI) vs. Macduffie school (MA)

4:45 pm - anzvarik rig mark (SWeden) vs. believe academy (sc)